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Blue Fairy Dolls [entries|friends|calendar]
Blue Fairy Dolls

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Hi! [12 Apr 2007|11:03pm]

Hello! I'm new to the whole BJD thing but I saw a link to this community and (since I'm planning on buying Emilie) thought I'd join! I'd appriciate any tips, advice, etc. since I know absolutely nothing! ^_^;
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Seth [31 Mar 2007|11:15am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Wow... This is place is really dead...
But since the last time I've posted, I ordered, waited for and received my Tiny Fairy Niky.

Seth's Photobucket Album

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[19 Jul 2006|04:10pm]

I love Blue Fairy dolls, they're so cute all.

I've got a May since one year ago. Her name is Kuchiku.

Hope you like it! I love her very much.
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Niky! [05 Jun 2006|07:50pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Hi everyone! I've been slightly active in the BJD online community (DoA, ConDoll, DoD), and I've already decided what boy I would like to purchase. I want to get BF Niky. He's so adorable. ^_^

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Hi there! [28 Jan 2006|05:50pm]

Hi, I'm Merry! I haven't yet ordered a doll because my mom doesn't think the ordering process is secure. Since you are all Bluefairy customers, could you please tell me about the ordering process? The only online store my mom really trusts is Amazon.com, and I'm trying to convince her that just because Bluefairy is an overseas store, it doesn't mean that they're evil scam artists.

Also, (gosh, I'm sorry for being such a dummy) Bluefairy wants a scan of the credit card and driver's license. Can I just take a picture with my digital camera and send them the photo instead of scanning them? It's the same thing, isn't it?

Thank you so very much for your help! I hope to be able to join this community for real soon!!
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[15 May 2005|11:47pm]

join join join
i serioursly LOVE this community
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Hi! [30 Jan 2005|10:54am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all! I just joined this community. Nice to meet you. I've been seeing these dolls a lot lately and fell in love with them! Any info about them and where I can order one would be awesome. Thanks guys and I look forward to getting to know you all!

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Squeak! [17 Oct 2004|12:14pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I got my tracking number for my Tommy head! He'll be here in a WEEK! *approx*

I'm so...excited! So very very excited! :D Now all I need is a body for him! *saves and saves* Guuh I can't wait for him to get here! Already have eyes for him, and a wig too! ^__^ Wheee!


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[15 Oct 2004|09:21pm]

Hey! I be teh Leigh with the forked-up spelling, or Hitasura as I'm known on LJ and DoA. ^^ Curently have one TinyFairy Jerome who just recently got the full works of sanding, blushing, and a new face-up, whoo! I've got a site for him and my FCS boy Here! I plot to get a Tommy one day as well. And I fear my resistance may eventually fail on getting a May as well. o___o Anyway, it's great to have a BF community- Looking forward to blabbing with everyone! ^__^
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yokoyokoyokoyokoyokoyoko... [15 Oct 2004|08:12am]

^_^ hiii, I'm Aimee from DoA and I'm currently extremely impatiently waiting on a PF Yoko.

oh the pain! I wanted her in the first set when she came out but she sold out before I could get her, so I jumped on the chance the second time around! I hope she gets here soon!
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[15 Oct 2004|07:02am]

Hi! Wow, it looks like I'm the second person in this community? XD Anyway, I'm krambear on DoA and I'm currently waiting on a Jerome and a PF Mini May. I'm very much looking forward to Jerome and I hope he comes _soon_. I feel like it's been a million years. Jerome will be my first (and prolly last) non-Volks doll.. I normally don't go for the other companies but Jerome's pout just grabbed me. ^_^
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Welcome Everyone! [14 Oct 2004|12:25pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blue Fairy Dolls! I hope everyone will enjoy this community and share photos stories and info about our Blue Fairy dolls! Everyone is welcome to post so junk right in! Only rule is to respect eachother and keep posts on-topic. Okay? Have fun everyone!

Lee (Mod)

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