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^_^ hiii, I'm Aimee from DoA and I'm currently extremely impatiently waiting on a PF Yoko.

oh the pain! I wanted her in the first set when she came out but she sold out before I could get her, so I jumped on the chance the second time around! I hope she gets here soon!
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Hi Aimee! Yoko is cute isn't she? :) I was tempted by the Pocket Fairies, but even though I was planning to get DOD Tender Zen, BF Tommy just called to me.

Gah, so many delays with my order. I have the money now to order the body, so I've asked them to put my order on hold so I can add the body to it, but I don't know whats going to happen. *sniffs* I just want my whole boy to me now. ;___;

Ahhh, the waiting! ^_^ Post pictures when Yoko arrives!